Are you stuck in a creative rut?

How many of us designers have pulled our hair out (figuratively speaking, of course!) in frustration over the all too familiar creative rut? You know what I’m talking about: you find yourself repeating the same old, tried and true formulas to your designs; and as soon as you try something new, you’re faced with a solution that doesn’t work, is missing something (though you don’t know what), or, even worse, just plain sucks!

Aside from the tips we learn in school (taking a break, looking at your work in a mirror, getting a second opinion), have you ever considered using the oblique strategies?

Just google it and you’ll find a wealth of information about this clever set of cards created by innovative musician Brian Eno and his painter friend, Peter Schmidt. They developed this method to “break a deadlock or dilemma situation,” exactly the kind of thing we need when stuck in a creative rut.

Several web sites are host to interactive versions of these cards, yet none of them met my standards for quality viewing conditions (neon text on a black background is very distracting, to say the least), and I even found the dashboard widget too Spartan. So I decided to develop my own version. Be sure to check it out, and if you’d like more info/instructions, click on the About link.

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