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Street Chic

From my sketchbook, here are some quick and cheeky watercolor & ink fashion illustrations that capture stand-out street style.

The Heiress

While playing around with a Whodunnit theme, the opportunity for visual storytelling became obvious when imagining the suspects. Meet the Heiress. Think she’s too posh for crime? Only more detective work can determine the answer to that question…

No Fear

The great thing about designer communities like Dribbble is that you’re surrounded by inspiring talent that spurs you on to even greater creativity.
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La Calavera Catrina


It’s that time of year again! And here’s my sketchbook with a new illustration to celebrate both Halloween & el Día de los Muertos.

  • rosssketch-001
  • rosssketch-003
  • rosssketch-002-2

She’s Coming Out

As you can tell from my Gaga, Davis and Bardot portraits, I am fascinated with iconic beauties and illustrations that bring out their most glamorous qualities. Here is the study for my next one: Diana Ross, an American icon. Happy Birthday America!