Fostering a New Identity

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With baby (finally) in daycare, and my pixel glamour æsthetic slowly coming together, it has become quite evident that a new brand identity for my own work is necessary. Brand Identity is a Big Phrase for what you’ll be seeing happening around here. Basically, the site will undergo many changes, slowly but surely, until I get it right. It will gradually evolve, rather than magically appear perfect and seemingly effortless. This is probably because I love the human aspect of contributing my growth as a brand for all to see. Sharing the complex, time-consuming process behind the development of a visual identity makes me feel vindicated both as a designer and as a busy mom juggling work and motherhood.

So what am I trying to say? Just bear with me as things move around, look strange and disappear/reappear. There is much to be done, as time permits, but the end result will be, I hope, lovely and coherent. I’m glad I can share this journey with others. Cheers!

Melissa Brunet

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Melissa Brunet is a Creative Director whose goal is to merge branding, design & technology into meaningful, memorable experiences.
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