New Sketchbooks

Had been working on loose paper for a while since my other sketchbooks were all filled up.

I really prefer to work in a bound volume though since it’s easier to stock and find things later. The black sketchbook in the photo below is an old favorite. I don’t know what the brand is or who makes it. It’s just called “Sketchbook” and contains 60 sheets of 140 gram paper. I like it because the ringed binder allows me to flip back the other pages to easily set up on my lap (favorite position for sketching). The red sketchbook is a new one, made by Hahnemuhle. It’s hard-backed with a red ribbon to mark your place and contains 80 pages of the same weight. This type of paper is nice for (soft) pencil or charcoal sketches and is sturdy enough to handle gouache and even a bit of watercolor or ink. It’s not, however, ideal for mechanical pencil drawings (one of my favorite tools for details) but I have yet to find a bound sketchbook that’s ideal for that. If you know of one, please don’t hesitate to comment!

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