Who more than Brigitte Bardot personified the ultimate in French beauty and style during the latter part of the 20th century?
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  • bb

The Initials BB

Inspired by the immortal song by Serge Gainsbourg, “The Initials BB”, here is the pencil study for my next illustration.

  • bettefinal

All About Margot

The ink & brush illustration of Bette Davis as Margot Channing I had posted earlier is ready to go to press! For this final version, I decided to place her on a dark background and accentuate the contrast of the portrait, similar to iconic hollywood photos of this period.

  • gagaweb-2


Here she is, the queen herself, with mile long legs and a racy figure.

  • gagasnapshot

Two-minute Gaga

Ok maybe the whole ordeal took longer than 2 minutes… Even though this sketch was fast, it was the fourth try. I’ve always wanted to sketch the oh so unique Lady Gaga and my first attempt, one of her in costume for the “Born This Way” video, was not a success at first. She kept looking VERY gruesome! I like the way this one turned out – more in keeping with my style :)

  • hairtrial

Digital Hair Painting

I always liked the way digitally rendered hair (you know, the kind used on those beautiful video game graphics) looked but didn’t really think of learning the technique until I experienced dissatisfaction with the illustration I’m currently working on.
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