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I like to juggle several projects at once to mix it up and keep it fresh. Here’s a watercolor base for a new illustration, using once again my favorite paper.
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Paper Love

When using watercolors, inks, sometimes gouache and even charcoal, my favorite support to work on is Arches 100% cotton, hot pressed watercolor paper in block format. Arches watercolor blocks come in three varieties: hot pressed, cold pressed and rough. I prefer the hot pressed, or “grain satiné”, because it’s smooth enough for the precision illustrations I like to do yet “toothy” enough to show good texture, as you can see from the photo of two watercolor washes below.
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Bette Davis & Margot Channing

I suppose every woman has her own set of heroines who influenced or inspired her when she was young. For me, it was Bette Davis, especially as Margot Channing. I must have been about 15 the first time I saw All About Eve. I was stunned by Davis’ acting performance, the screenplay, the role, everything.

Davis set the bar high as far as screen divas are concerned and All About Eve remains a timeless pearl of cinematic wisdom. Margot Channing is my heroine because she represents an authentic woman – multi-faceted, powerful yet frail, intelligent and full of fire and passion.

Here are a few stills from the film. Below, discover an ink and brush sketch I’ve prepared as a base for an upcoming illustration.

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Gangs of Deauville

Watch out! They’re coming… Quick pencil sketch for a new resort wear illustration.

Update: You can follow the process behind this illustration by following me on Dribbble, either as a prospect or a scout, if you are not already a member.

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Fostering a New Identity

With baby (finally) in daycare, and my pixel glamour æsthetic slowly coming together, it has become quite evident that a new brand identity for my own work is necessary. Brand Identity is a Big Phrase for what you’ll be seeing happening around here. Basically, the site will undergo many changes, slowly but surely, until I get it right. It will gradually evolve, rather than magically appear perfect and seemingly effortless. This is probably because I love the human aspect of contributing my growth as a brand for all to see. Sharing the complex, time-consuming process behind the development of a visual identity makes me feel vindicated both as a designer and as a busy mom juggling work and motherhood.

So what am I trying to say? Just bear with me as things move around, look strange and disappear/reappear. There is much to be done, as time permits, but the end result will be, I hope, lovely and coherent. I’m glad I can share this journey with others. Cheers!

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A concept around a word, exactly the same in French and in English, mirroring the Franco-American influence apparent in my work. This illustration is entirely digital, using a pencil sketch as a base and a watercolor wash as a backdrop. The 16-bit color depth allows the warm bright hues to more fully come into their own.

The Balancing Act

As I struggle to find balance between working and motherhood, and after a prolonged absence of just focusing on the latter, drawing has become both a rare pleasure and an absolute necessity, so as not to lose my own individual identity.
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