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No Fear

The great thing about designer communities like Dribbble is that you’re surrounded by inspiring talent that spurs you on to even greater creativity.
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Bette Davis & Margot Channing

I suppose every woman has her own set of heroines who influenced or inspired her when she was young. For me, it was Bette Davis, especially as Margot Channing. I must have been about 15 the first time I saw All About Eve. I was stunned by Davis’ acting performance, the screenplay, the role, everything.

Davis set the bar high as far as screen divas are concerned and All About Eve remains a timeless pearl of cinematic wisdom. Margot Channing is my heroine because she represents an authentic woman – multi-faceted, powerful yet frail, intelligent and full of fire and passion.

Here are a few stills from the film. Below, discover an ink and brush sketch I’ve prepared as a base for an upcoming illustration.

Are you stuck in a creative rut?

How many of us designers have pulled our hair out (figuratively speaking, of course!) in frustration over the all too familiar creative rut? You know what I’m talking about: you find yourself repeating the same old, tried and true formulas to your designs; and as soon as you try something new, you’re faced with a solution that doesn’t work, is missing something (though you don’t know what), or, even worse, just plain sucks!
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