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The Illustrated Woman

Ever since I heard of the great Ray Bradbury’s passing, I couldn’t stop thinking about what a huge impact he had on my imagination, especially as a young person.
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  • bb

The Initials BB

Inspired by the immortal song by Serge Gainsbourg, “The Initials BB”, here is the pencil study for my next illustration.

  • gagasnapshot

Two-minute Gaga

Ok maybe the whole ordeal took longer than 2 minutes… Even though this sketch was fast, it was the fourth try. I’ve always wanted to sketch the oh so unique Lady Gaga and my first attempt, one of her in costume for the “Born This Way” video, was not a success at first. She kept looking VERY gruesome! I like the way this one turned out – more in keeping with my style :)

  • deauville-01

Gangs of Deauville

Watch out! They’re coming… Quick pencil sketch for a new resort wear illustration.

Update: You can follow the process behind this illustration by following me on Dribbble, either as a prospect or a scout, if you are not already a member.