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Gaming logo design has its own set of codes. Here’s one way to break them down.

Any good designer knows that every industry has its own rules, or codes, that help audiences quickly understand and identify with them. Example: fashion labels and magazines typically use Didot typefaces for their logos, headlines and magazine titles. Gaming is no different.

What I find interesting about the gaming industry is that logotypes have a tendency to be more playful, bolder and more illustrative than most other industries. And since lettering is really just another form of illustration, albeit one I certainly haven’t played with enough, I was quite eager to give gaming a try.

So here is a logo design I did for my partner + his best friend’s website & brand targeted at video game industry professionals.

Both are professional gaming journalists, both are used to working with designers and both knew the spirit in which they wanted their logo to be designed. Basically, I had a really good brief to work with which is a LOT considering how shy I felt about the gaming genre.

They were happy with the result, so I am too, of course! The letters were custom drawn using a grid using several color combinations to rotate the logos for a fresh look every season – that’s the ‘fashion’ twist to this design.

Here is how I fleshed out the social icons:

Massivv Icons

And last, but not least, the whole identity in situation. Voilà!

Massivv branding

Be sure to check out Massivv’s website too!

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