The passion behind a designer

What makes you passionate about design, and how can you make that passion grow as you develop as a designer?

When I noticed this question a student asked on Quora, I knew I had to respond. Nothing makes my eyes sparkle as much as discussing the passion behind a designer and how it never seems to dwindle, at least, not in my case.

Because design is a process, much like editing, where you start with a general concept, then hone it as close to perfection as you can within a given deadline, achieving perfect balance is what makes me passionate about it. Balance in design is achieved when a designer has solved the problems put forth in a client brief using an easy to understand, uncluttered visual solution. The amount of culture, knowledge of design history and skills a designer possesses all contribute to his/her capacity to provide original, high-quality solutions. It is this quest for culture, knowledge and skills — capable of filling a lifetime — that make a designer’s passion grow and keep the fire of creativity alive. In any case, that’s what’s worked for me in a 25+ year design career, where every new project is more thrilling than the last :)

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